Photographers in Miami

Fashion Photography

It’s an essential tool to introduce your product line to buyers and press. While images on a white backdrop – front, back, and detail shots – are enough for E-commerce, look books are playing a huge role actually in convincing your customers to buy your products. Lookbooks are generally shot on a location with a story telling style because customers want to see the products in real life scenarios.
Lookbooks must have clean, hi-resolution photographs of your products with item numbers, contact details, and the web addresses. Additionally, in printed versions, you can also include the prices and give out as catalogs for your customers in your stores. Images on a lookbook could be used in printed versions, online pdf version as well as-as banners throughout your website and social media.

Advertising Photography

As an advertising photographer, Tolga Kavut works with various advertising firms and PR agencies. Depending on the campaign we work with models, designers, products, companies and locations. The images are used commonly in billboards, magazines, stores, brochures, websites and all print media. We work closely to art directors and creative directors to create desired images for the client’s needs. We understand the deadlines and therefore our post production team works fast and efficient with our clients. We are here to create perfect images and  deliver them on time!

Modeling  Portfolios

Modeling portfolio is a must have tool for self-promotion in fashion modeling, commercial print modeling and live modelings such as trade shows, promotions modeling, and events. It’s extremely important having professional images in your book because casting directors, art directors, and other decision makers are always looking for the best candidates. In their eye the better your images are the more potential you have to complete the project without delays and so they can meet the tight deadlines. A versatile portfolio always inspires them and help them to estimate the potential you have. As a Miami photographer, Tolga Kavut can create those marketable images for you with his extensive experience both in front and behind the camera.


Portrait Photographer

If you are looking for a fashion and portrait photographer – look no further. Tolga Kavut is the best photographer in Miami without a question. Our works have been published in numerous magazines, prints ads and catalogs.
Nowadays images are extremely important. Since the rise of the social media, the internet has been slammed with images, good and bad, there is a massive amount of images traveling through the social media accounts. At this point, a perfect image will always stand out and this makes a great photographer even more valuable. An iconic image will always get the most attention. Tolga Kavut’s works always stand out from the rest of the photographers in Miami because he is focused on creating only iconic images no matter what the project is. We are always after the “perfect image”.

other services


Make Up and Hair

A makeup artist is definitely an essential person for any project. Their medium is the human body by applying makeup using high definition products for headshots, modeling portfolios, corporate headshots, magazine editorials and all aspects of the modeling industry. A good makeup artist knows exactly what is necessary to make someone look at their best, therefore, we always work with the best artists in the industry.

Wardrobe Stylist

The other factor that makes Tolga Kavut different than other photographers in Miami is that he works with the best stylists in Miami. A stylist is responsible for providing clothing and accessories for the client. They have great knowledge about seasonal colors and current trends. They work closely with fashion designers, photographers, makeup and hair stylists to create a particular look for the project. Especially if the project is a modeling portfolio or a fashion catalog we highly recommend having a stylist on the board.

Location Scouting

If you are looking for a great photo location for your next ad campaign or lookbook, we can help you with that. Our partners have over 25 years of experience in scouting locations. Renting properties for a shoot can be very expensive but luckily Miami gives us and huge advantage when it comes to out door locations. Miami is surrounded with spectacular locations free of charge for photo productions. Upon request we can provide you a huge database that consist of art deco homes, mansions, barns, garages, bridges, parks and of course the best beaches. Let us know in advance about your location needs and we will find exactly what you are looking for.